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At Ironbark Wealth Advisers, we offer a range of financial planning services in Dubbo, Orange and surrounding areas. We recommend planning your finances well in advance of actually retiring in order to organise your wealth and make the most out of your hard work over the years. This can be a confusing and complicated process if you don’t know where to start or what steps to take, which is why the financial advisors at Ironbark Wealth Advisers offer a friendly and flexible retirement planning advice service. We are dedicated to helping you have a relaxing and fulfilling retirement and will deliver wealth-creating prospects that make sense for you.

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Retirement Finance Advice in Dubbo

Deciding to retire is a huge step and represents a massive change in your life. On top of the lifestyle changes it will bring, you also need to consider how you will continue to fund your expenses from now on. Now that there is no set age for retirement in Australia, starting retirement planning early is the best way to avoid stress upon retirement.

Here at Ironbark Wealth Advisers, we can simplify this process for you. We can advise you on how to best access your superannuation funds and how to use your savings. We will ensure your retirement income is maximised with our thorough knowledge of taxation and social security laws, which will ensure concessions are taken advantage of. We can also offer help in acquiring assets through investment.

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Accessing Concessions

You have worked hard over the years to contribute to your superannuation fund and to be eligible for the Age Pension. But did you know that there is a range of withdrawal options, such as annuity, lump sum or an account-based pension, which can affect your taxes and your legibility for Age Pension?

This might sound intimidating, but we can help you decide which will best optimise your funds based on your existing finances, including a possible combination of these and letting you plan based on when you will be eligible to withdraw. We will ensure your losses are kept to a minimum while you reap the rewards of planning your retirement finances in advance with a tailored service that pays attention to your specific financial situation.


We can also offer invaluable advice about making investments that will significantly benefit you in returns. You can benefit from accumulating assets through our clever know-how of choosing the right strategy and opportunities for wealth creation that will make the most out of your money. Without expert knowledge, this is not always accessible to pensioners, so this is why we offer advice and practical planning sessions, specialising in structuring investment plans for all.

Call our Dubbo team today on 02 6884 4684 to find out more about how we can help you meet your life goals through the smart management of your finances before, during and after retirement. We service the entire Dubbo, Orange and surrounding region.

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